Due to the popularity of SPACE@St Peters Pakuranga and the limited numbers in each group, please register as soon as possible, even before baby is born.  Once you register, you will receive a standard generated email to confirm we have received your application.  You will receive a “Letter of Confirmation” stating a place has been reserved for you and baby.

Your babies preferred age to join SPACE is 0-4 months, however, if your baby is older than 4 months you may like to start with an existing group.  Call our co-ordinator Carolyn on 022 6575851 to discuss your options.

$120.00 for the three-term programme which includes
2 SPACE work booklets – The Heart of Parenting and The Growing Baby
$50 per person license fee payable to SPACENZ Trust
Payment is due two weeks before the start date to secure your place.  However, should the payment be a concern to you don’t hesitate to speak to our coordinator Carolyn on 022 6575851

This information provided below will not be disclosed to any other person and/or organisation without your prior written consent

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