Typical Session

Every session includes the following:

  • Informal time of welcoming, relaxing and interaction
  • Karakia, welcome song, thought of the day, topic introduction and sharing
  • Songs, music and movement, rhymes and books
  • Craft and/or making home play resources
  • Heuristic play and treasure baskets
  • Discussion on the topic of the week

The Space programme is broken up into three areas of focus

Term One – Heart of Parenting Term Two – Your Growing Baby Term Three – Exploring Play
*Getting to know you


* Becoming a parent

* Understanding Me

* Stimulation

* See Me Move

* Establishing Attachment   

* What do I See?

* What do I hear?

* Expressing myself

*The Beauty of the brain

* Reflective parenting

* Understanding thinking

* Uniquely you

* A sense of me and others

* On the move

* Nutrition

* Going back to work

* Meaningful men

* 21st Century “Super Kids”

* Money Matters

* Introduction to Play

* Let’s Explore

* Let’s be creative

* Let’s Discover

* Let’s Connect

* Let’s get Adventurous

* Transition from Space

Focus: One and Two – The Heart of Parenting and Your Growing Baby – Term 1 and 2

Guest Speakers whose qualification and experience in a topic may share their knowledge at some sessions
Continuing opportunities for heuristic play (playfulness and natural tactile experiences) throughout the session
Making resources for home play
Social time

Support and creating friendships with other new mums

Focus:  Three – Exploring Play – Term 3

  • Informal time of welcoming, relaxing & interaction
  • Continuing an exploration of areas of play such as: songs, music & movement, rhymes and books
  • Continuing opportunities for play throughout the sessions.  Focussing on heuristic play using items/objects that you would find in your baby’s natural environment; e.g. wooden pegs, pots and pans and different textures and materials.
  • Introduction to messy play, puzzles, water, sand, drawing, collage, painting, playdough, blocks, natural treasurers, playfulness and physical play